Queensland’s Back to School Plan

Queensland’s Back to School Plan

Students in Kindy, Prep, Years 1, 11 and 12 will be returning to school. Students in Years 2 to 10 will continue with their remote learning at home.

15 May 2020

On the 15 May, the schooling situation will be reviewed, with the ultimate goal to return all remaining students back to the classroom by 25 May. Please note this will only be implemented if COVID-19 transmission rates continue to be low.

Children of essential workers and vulnerable children will also still be able to attend school.

The Premier will also revisit easing of restrictions in Queensland. This could hopefully mean a much-improved plan for additional access to recreational locations, i.e. children’s parks, pubs and restaurants but will be dependant on how many active COVID-19 cases are currently confirmed in Queensland at this time.

25 May 2020

25 May is the proposed date for all other students, who have continued with their homeschooling, to be permitted back to school, to recommence their ‘classroom’ education.

Queenslanders, stand proud – our efforts to halt the spread of the insidious COVID-19, is being rewarded. Please remember to continue with social distancing when out and about, washing hands on a regular basis and downloading the COVIDSafe App, all easy tools designed to keep us safe and healthy.

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