Terrazzo Coasters Workshop

Terrazzo Coasters Workshop

In this three-hour casting workshop, you learn the basics of casting with eco-friendly materials to create your own terrazzo coaster/plate.

During the workshop, you will design your colour palette, how to mix and add pigment to the epoxy resin material, how to cast into a silicone mould, and finally how to sand and finish your tiles!

I was telling Charlotte that the common areas in my home were all terrazzo tiles and this led us to a discussion on its origins and its history. Perhaps mosaic pieces in Egypt signalled its start but it became popular in the 15th Century in Italy when workers of marble and other forms of stone like granite and quartz, found a good way to recycle the odd bits and pieces that were left. They were put in clay and then smoothed over to make a good walking surface. This became popular in the early 20th century as a good form of relatively inexpensive tiling. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an example of terrazzo tiling and Charlotte will impart all such interesting information to you as she introduces you to the workshop.

Go with comfortable clothes as there is some messy work involved but that messiness actually is what makes this such a lovely and different time to spend a few hours.

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